Always chase your dreams - Aug 4, 2015

As a personal trainer, I often hear people explain to me the reasons why they can't become fit or accomplish their goals. I've heard everything that you can possibly think of, some of which are very valid reasons. My response to people (most often) is "tell me why YOU CAN reach your goals." This is the same principle that I apply myself. When all of the negative self talk (yes, even me) comes up in my head, I stop myself and say... "okay Tina, tell me why YOU CAN." This has helped me accomplish everything from graduating college to starting my own personal training business to competing in bodybuilding shows.


It's so easy to let go of your goals and dreams. My challenge to you is to CHASE THEM... Chase them with all of your might. Even if you fall short, you will never regret trying. I plan on stepping on stage in 4 weeks. This month I vow to myself to train as hard as I can to present my best. Even if I fall short, I doubt that I will regret it. Regardless of your present situation, wherever you are this moment, let me be the one to tell you not to give up. Whatever is in your heart, God put it there for a reason. It's not too late.


All the best,