Avoiding vacation weight gain - Mar 25, 2014



Spring is in the air!

I absolutely love warmer weather and basking in the sun (slathered with sunscreen of course! ;) ) Going on spring and summer vacations can be wonderful experiences. One issue many of my clients have is gaining weight while on vacation. Believe me, I know first hand how difficult it can be to stay on track when traveling. It's so easy to lose track of your fitness goals while being away from home and out of your daily routine. Here are a few of my suggestions to avoid weight gain on vacation:


1. Avoid airport food when possible. This is when preparing healthy snacks before your trip will come in handy. In general, I pack healthy snacks that I can take with me on the plane. Some of my staples include protein bars, mini Ziploc bags filled with almonds, small apples, veggies, a shaker filled with protein powder, and homemade granola. Having healthy options keeps me full and less likely to blow my diet.

2. Research your travel destination. This is not only good for planning your activities but also for buying fresh food at local markets. If you happen to have a small kitchen in your hotel you can plan a few of your meals there and splurge on a meal later. Many resorts and restaurants have healthier menu options available. I usually allow myself a few splurges on vacation. The only exception for me is during contest prep. I have been known to travel out of country with ALL of my meals prepared. That is an entirely different blog post!

3. Get active. Whenever I travel, I always plan an active excursion. I have done everything from zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, aquatriking, etc. I also try to start my day with exercise (yes, even on my vacations!) It helps me create a calorie deficit and it makes me feel better about splurging. Take advantage of some of the activities offered at most resorts. You'll have an amazing time and it probably won't even feel like exercise.

4. Walk. This is a no brainer. Part of the joy of traveling is exploring. You'll see more and likely be able to take better pictures. The bonus is that you'll be able to burn more calories.

5. Relax and Rest. It's important that you get the rest that your body deserves and needs. It's a great way to reduce stress and rejuvenate your body. The less stress you have, the less cortisol your body produces which can lead to weight gain when you produce more of the hormone. Remember to have fun and make smart choices. You'll be glad that you did when you return home.