Nationals Ft Lauderdale - Dec 6, 2013

Last month, I traveled to Ft Lauderdale, Fl to compete at nationals. This is the last and largest show for NPC competitors and it takes place in November every year. My goal is to earn my IFBB Pro Card to become a professional Figure competitor. The result was not what I expected. I placed 14th. I still believe in dreams and will not stop chasing this one. I have always been able to work hard and be rewarded for my hard work. I truly believe that if you work hard and give your best that you will succeed.  Looking back on this experience, I now know that my placing in this national show does not make me a failure. I gave my best. I stayed true to my competiton diet and put in my hours of training and cardio. My body changed, my body fat dropped and I had a great time. It was what God wanted for me at that moment in my life. Sometimes God wants you to learn from an experience. I've only competed in 4 shows. 2 of the 4 have been national shows. Many athletes compete for years and never make it to nationals. I'm blessed to go from 2 smaller shows straight to national level. Nationals is a whole new level of competition. Many of the women in my division have been competing for years and have far more experience than me. Most have paid their dues in this sport. I feel like I'm paying mine as I compete at this level. It's about learning, I needed to learn that life is not easy. You will have disappointments. There will be times that you don't always get what you deserve. Becoming a professional is going to be tough. Not impossible, but I know that I definitely have to work for it. The beauty is that my passion for this sport exceeds my desire to throw in the towel.

I emailed the head judge when I returned home and to my pleasant surprise, she responded the day after Thanksgiving. Her response was that she felt that I came in too hard. I accept that and will work going forward to find the balance between women's physique and figure. Figure can be very subjective depending on where you compete. In general, figure athletes should have well developed shoulder caps, a well developed back along with a small waist which together show what we call a v-tapered shape. We strive to be wider at the top and have a tight, small waist with lean and shapely legs. What judges are looking for is a small degree of muscularity (this is where it becomes subjective)and they want to see separation but not visible striations. This means a competitor should have a good amount of muscle but not excessive.

I'm so grateful for my family, friends and clients. I received so much support and love from them. As soon as I made it home from Florida I received a huge edible arrangements of chocolate covered pineapples :) From cupcakes to cards, I'm so thankful. I'm looking forward to 2014 and everything that next year has in store for me. Life gives you what you settle for. You have the power to change that at any given time. I'm choosing not to settle. XoXo