A few of my favorite things - Oct 24, 2013

My Favorite Things


I have a few things that make my life and workouts much easier that I would like to share with you. Some are items that I've used for years and have yet to find anything better. Others are items that I've recently grown to love. Hope you enjoy.

1. Beats headphones by Dr. Dre (Anyone that sees me at the gym usually see me with my Beats on. I feel hardcore and it also helps me focus on lifting and not socializing)

2. Femme Fitale Fitness Gloves (I have so many people ask me where I buy my gloves. They come in super cute, feminine patterns and colors. Girls can lift and still be feminine!)

3. Versa-Grips (These are specially designed lifting straps that protect my wrists when I go hard and heavy. Of course I have the pink ones)

4. Up by Jawbone (This bracelet is amazing. I use it to track my steps, workouts, sleep and food. I have encouraged most of my clients to buy one so that I can track their information too!)

5. Clarisonic Face Brush (Amazing. I've used it for years and it keeps my face nice and clean)

6. 6 pack fitness cooler (This has been a life saver when I travel or have a competition. It keeps my food fresh, comes with 3 plastic containers for storage and has multiple compartments at the top for supplements. It's an OCD person's dream...I'm really not OCD with everything)

7. Blender Bottles (A shaker with a wire whisk for blending protein drinks. I have about 100 shakers....seriously)

8. Nike and Lululemon Clothing ( I literally live in my workout clothes. Nike is my first love but lululemon is amazing too! They both last forever, great quality and style)

9. Perform Better Mini Exercise Bands (These are always in my gym bag. Perfect for adding resistance to almost any exercise from squats to leg raises)

10. GymBoss Interval Timer (Clips on to your shirt or pocket. I use it for circuits like Tabata training)